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Vigorelli Steel presented to the public in 2017 after over a year of continuous development in constant collaboration with the Cinelli Team, is the first series bike in the world designed specifically for the Criterium fixed gear.  Its characteristic that stands out is the extreme maneuverability in technical circuits. Sparkling like a starry night.

At the heart of this unique maneuverability, there are two innovations:

1. A track geometry revisited according to the specific needs of the fixed gear Criterium. The new corners describe a higher bottom bracket and a higher fork rake, which reduces overlap and increases riding stability, a response to the increased speed of the last few years in Red Hook Criterium races.

2. Is the use of Columbus Cromolly steel tubes in the construction of the frame. Steel is the soul of the performance of the new Vigorelli. The naturally superior elasticity of the cold drawn steel Columbus, combined with the revised geometry, better absorbs the vibrations and roughness of the ground, particularly when the frame is subject to powerful deforming forces and stress (i.e. in the three phases of the curve). In other words, the most competitive riders will immediately gain more confidence thanks to the absence of the known "oversteering" effect typical of the track bike technical curves, and to the different behavior of the rear wheel, which skips and skids less in the deceleration phases preceding the curves, adhering more to the surface of the road and thus improving control.


The frame is characterized by a distribution of weights that only steel can guarantee, thanks to the management of the targeted thickness of each tube. A reactive and snappy geometry and a lower energy dispersion. 


The bottom bracket has been raised further to allow continuous pedaling for each curve.

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